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245 Carolina Marín is the leading Spanish regali per maestre idee badminton player being one-time Olympic Champion, 246 three-time World Champion 247 and four-time European Champion.
96 Islands Main article: List of islands of Spain Spain also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and a number of uninhabited islands on the Mediterranean side of the Strait of Gibraltar, known as plazas.
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Archived from the original on Retrieved "Bilbao, un ejemplo urbanístico para el mundo".In particular, three main divisions are easily identified: Mediterranean Spain all such coastal regions, from Catalonia to Andalusia heavy use of seafood, such as pescaíto frito (fried fish several cold soups like gazpacho ; and many rice-based dishes like paella from Valencia 241 and arròs.The war claimed the lives of over 500,000 people and caused the flight of up to a half-million citizens from the country.Increased attention to livestock was the reason that Spain became a net importer of grains.Archived from the original on 29 August 1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown ( link ) "Article 62 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978".In the tourist areas of the Mediterranean coast and the islands, English and German are widely spoken by tourists, foreign residents, and tourism workers.11 At the end of the Western Roman Empire the Germanic tribal confederations migrated from Central Europe, invaded the Iberian peninsula and established relatively independent realms in its western provinces, including the Suebi, Alans and Vandals.Archived from the original (PDF) on 1 December 2007.
Spain's letter to the UN (PDF) (in Spanish UN, September 2013, archived (PDF) from the original on "Spain disputes Portugal islands" Archived 8 September 2013 at the Wayback Machine The Portugal News.
The communities of Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Murcia and Navarre are the only communities that are integrated by a single province, which is coextensive with the community itself.
231 A study made by the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain demonstrated that there were about 1,700,000 inhabitants of Muslim background living in Spain as of 2012, accounting for 34 of the total population sanremo 2016 vincitore premio sala stampa of Spain.235 In addition, Spain has also 14 Intangible cultural heritage, or "Human treasures Spain ranks first in Europe according to unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage List, tied with Croatia.In fact, Spain was Europe's largest absorber of migrants from 2002 to 2007, with its immigrant population more than doubling.5 million people arrived.There are more than 200,000 migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa living in Spain, principally Senegaleses and Nigerians.Respetuosa procesión, San Fermín, una oración, religiosidad, fervor, la paz, candoroso amor.71 In the latter half of the 17th century, Spain went into a gradual decline, during which it surrendered several small territories to France and England; however, it maintained and enlarged its vast overseas empire, which remained intact until the beginning of the 19th century.Only two communitiesthe Basque Country and Navarrehave full fiscal autonomy.Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute).Annette Francine Bening s-a nascut la in Topeka, Knasas.The two main writers in the second half of the 20th century were the Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Camilo José Cela and Miguel Delibes from Generation of '36.

Later, Frankish forces established Christian counties on the southern side of the Pyrenees.