Pop pixie il gran premio di pixieville

In PopPixie, Glim became a boy and his MagicPop grants him the power to manipulate electrokinesis.
Lenny is sconto fossil whacky, loves taking risks for the sake of excitement, reckless and irresponsible.Her MagicPop makes it very fast.Tito sleeps all day but is a "party" animal at night.Estratto da " p?titleEpisodi_ di _PopPixie oldid91219876 ".He always wants to sleep.I'm A PopPixie Too!La Corsa All'Oro Degli Gnomi - the Gnomes' Golden Rush, il Party Perfetto - The Perfect Party.
Un Robot Per Chatta - A Robot For Chatta.
Yucca is vain and frivolous and adores extreme shopping.
An Explosive Talent Show, lo Spettacolo Scoppiettante Di Jolly.She dreams of living the life of a great lady, something that Floxy cannot give her.Amore raghi Litigiosi - Amore and the Quarrelsome Dragons.Though Fixit made his shop successful, Augustus is always trying to find a way to cut Fixit's salary.Gli Eroi Dello Scuolabus - The Schoolbus Heroes.Un Bisticcio Tra Elfi - Lenny Yucca At War.Kara : She is the pop pixie of creation.Invasione Verde - Green Attack, un Pesce Fuor D'Acqua - A Pixie Fish.