Cibi premio biol 2018

cibi premio biol 2018

Ginsengi, of ginseng, the source of the type strain.
R., abdulmawjood,., klein,.K., schumann,., zhang,., CAO,., GE,., xiao,., zhao,., cheng,.Type strain: (see also t ) atcc 145 bcrc (formerly ccrc) 117 cfbp 4227 CIP.71 DSM IAM 13417 IFO (now nbrc) 122 kctc 17 LMG 697 ncaim.014 (formerly ncdo 1772) nctc 10341 nrrl NRS-1264 VKM B-511.Non contiguous-finished genome sequence and description of Bacillus premio montefeltro massiliosenegalensis.Luciferensis, pertaining to Lucifer Hill, a volcano on Candlemas Island, South Sandwich Islands, the soil of which yielded the organism.A Manual of Determinative Bacteriology.Bacteriol., 1999, 49, 521-530.Type strain: (see also t ) PN-1 LMG 17948.Original article in ijsem Online Salibacterium halochares (Pappa.
Nov., a selenate- and arsenate-reducing bacterium isolated from the effluent drain of a glass-manufacturing plant.
Rhizosphaerae, of the rhizosphere.Original article in ijsem Online Brevibacillus borstelensis (Shida.Type strain: (see also t ) 2DT UCM B-571.Original article in ijsem Online Bacillus enclensis Dastager.Valid publication: borchert (M.S.Sp., a psychrotrophic bacterium from sub-Antarctic soil.payne (W.J.) and LE gall (J.